November 19, 2019

WINTER release day announcement!

✫★✫★ WINTER Release Day! ✫★✫★ 



WINTER (Book 2 in the Mist Riders Series) will release on Amazon on Thursday, November 21. You can pre-order the book today and have it delivered to your Kindle as soon as it goes live :) 


August 25, 2019

Pre-order links for WINTER (Mist Riders 2)

Things have been a bit hectic and I'm still working to set up the official release date for the book (it will be sometime in September), but for now you can pre-order WINTER (Book 2 in the Mist Riders Series) on Amazon!


May 20, 2019

Just released! Luna (Mist Riders #1)

There are demons in the shadows and magic in the moonlight!
LUNA is now live on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited.


Get your copy here:

WANTED: One Lunar Witch, preferably naïve

Being born a witch has always been just a detail from my past, you know, like summer camp, or the time Timmy ate a bug, but now, thanks to one very pushy Immortal, a handful of mutant shifters, a psycho named Chaos and a nice guy (I think) named Emmet, my magic’s become a real pain in my ass.
San Diego was a totally chill choice for college, until this whole moon-cycle madness was thrown in my lap (more like shoved in my face) and now I’m bumbling with basic spells, crash studying to go from zero to fierce in a matter of days.
Only problem with this test is that it’s graded pass/fail and failure is death.
I wouldn’t wish magic on anyone. It attracts all the wrong entities, the kind you can’t run from, the kind that always find you, the kind that know your dark secrets even before you do.

One thing's for sure... there's magic in the moonlight.