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LUNA, Chapter 1

As I'm getting close to finishing "Luna" (Book 1 in the new fantasy series "Mist Riders), I thought I'd share with you Chapter 1.

Let me know what you think and if you want me to post more chapters!

You don’t give up on dreams as much as dreams give up on you.

Grandma’s predilection for riddles shone through every time she shared her meticulous bits of advice. I had heard that phrase more than once. It was her not-so-subtle way of advising me to be careful what I wished for – an uncertain dream is a dream that can never come into being.

“Dreams are a kind of magic,” she said. “And magic is certain.”

Outside my coffee shop window, the soft colors of sunset had begun to gather on the horizon. At just before seven on a Friday evening, the coffee shop was oddly empty. True, we were at the far end of the campus and it was Labor Day weekend, meaning most students had more interesting plans than coffee and a bagel, but still… The last customer had departed with an espresso macchiato five minutes ago.

Maura and I sat behind the counter, messing with our phones.

“We might as well clean up,” Maura said as she stood up.

I nodded but stayed put. I closed my eyes to calm my nerves. The prospect of a brand-new life overwhelmed me at times. I never let myself believe it was in the cards, but here I was, stressing over my future.

A sudden gust of wind swung the door open, hurling a flurry of yellow and brown leaves inside the shop. The leaves swirled and danced, becoming translucent under the fluorescent lights, before landing on the floor.

“What the hell was that?” Maura said, rushing to close the door. “Huh,” she said as she turned to me. “It’s dead calm outside. No wind. Strange.”

There’s always a wind, I thought. Not one moment, not one heartbeat passes where I don’t hear the sound.


I have some good news. Plantation Origins is now available for preorder and will go live later in the month. I hope you will enjoy the continuation of the journey -- mostly through Eric's eyes, but also Freya's and a third narrator's that I will keep as a surprise.

And I certainly hope that you will like the cover! I, for one, love it.

You can preorder the book here for $2.99. Price will go up after release day.

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o the snow fell and vanished in a blink like cotton candy on a wet tablecloth. So the ghosts wandered about the lake, softly and in love, like the wind adores the dark sky. And it was gloomy dark and silent that night. And it was Christmas Eve and snowing like in the olden times.

         Two white birds with golden beaks flew over the lake. They were majestically small and drew several circles around the unfrozen pond before they dropped in a little silver box. Then they flew away, fast as they came, strong like a stream of water on a burning branch.

The lake opened up with a sigh and swallowed the gift from the sky. The box could fit in a child’s hand, but as it traveled to the bottom of the lake, it grew and grew till it was big enough to fit a Christmas chocolate cake, or grandma’s old recipe book with half its pages torn apart. The dark waters lightened up with the silver glow of the box from above.

The Lady of the Waters held the illuminating object in her hands. Her transparent skin lit up as her blue eyes blinked twice. She pulled the lid back to peek inside the box.


I'm so happy that the first draft of the sequel to the Plantation Series is now finished! Here's a little unedited teaser for you.

I saw it all coming and I didn’t know how to stop it. The end. I saw the skies growing dark with the heavy smokes of drone engines. The red lines on the black monitors devoured the flowing code that could have kept the systems running. I saw the light of the world becoming extinct. Even my father was unable to stop it. The gleaming buildings turned into lifeless monoliths consumed by the forked tongues of hellfire.

As my dark sister reveled in the sulfur discharges, I stared deep into the flames and forged a new determination. I would make this end my beginning.

(Eric - Plantation Origins)

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