I'm so happy that the first draft of the sequel to the Plantation Series is now finished! Here's a little teaser for you.

I saw it all coming and I didn’t know how to stop it. The end. I saw the skies growing dark with the heavy smokes of drone engines. The red lines on the black monitors devoured the flowing code that could have kept the systems running. I saw the light of the world becoming extinct. Even my father was unable to stop it. The gleaming buildings turned into lifeless monoliths consumed by the forked tongues of hellfire.

As my dark sister reveled in the sulfur discharges, I stared deep into the flames and forged a new determination. I would make this end my beginning.

(Eric - Plantation Origins)

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PLANTATION ORIGINS - A little teaser

The screeching voices pierced Eric’s skull, making his ears vibrate with painful echoes.

“Take the stone,” they chanted. “The power is yours. You will rule the dark world. You will rule the light.”

Eric dropped to his knees, a feeling of doom taking over his heart. He raised his gaze to the wooden stand that held the precious dark stone.

“Nothing will stand in your way,” the voices went on. “Stop fighting destiny.”

December Rafflecopter Giveaway and a Plantation story

With the holidays approaching fast, it seemed only logical to make the December Rafflecopter Giveaway a little more interesting. You can win prizes like one $50 and one $20 Amazon gift cards as well as a paperback. As always you can answer a question that will help me choose where to go next with the story.

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A big thanks

Yes, it's this time of the year when giving thanks just comes out so naturally but it's also true that your continuing support and enthusiasm have been beyond amazing. I wanted to let you know that I am working on a new book in the Plantation world and it should be ready for publication sometime in early 2015. I won't say much yet except that it will work as a prequel and a sequel at the same time and (hint, hint) you can count on Eric being there. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

November Rafflecopter Giveaway

November giveaway is here! Enter to win an amazon gift card and to let me know what you think about certain characters in the Plantation series!

I will share the results when the giveaway is over.

Now that the giveaway is over, here are the most popular answers as promised.

Question #1
Name a character that you wish hadn't... (spoiler)
Answers: Daphne, Doc, Wudak

Question #2
Name a character you wish had been more prominent throughout the series. 
Answers: Daphne, Rabbit, Biscuit

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