A century has passed since they arrived. Human history has been erased. Children are enslaved on Alien plantations. Some have heard whispers of the existence of a rebel band of humans who roam free in the forests. Most slaves dare not speak of the rebels for fear the mutant guards will grab and make an example of them.
Seventeen-year-old Freya is pulled away in the night not by the mutants, but by her old friend Finn, to join the Saviors, the mythic band of rebel teens. Her bliss fades when she discovers she is the only Savior without a special ability. She is the odd one out, slowly pushing Finn away, defying Damian, the leader of the Saviors, and antagonizing the fierce and beautiful Daphne. In her despair Freya reaches deep within to discover a dark destiny, a truth so heavy it threatens to destroy her. | UK | DE | AU | CA |
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They have waited for her all these years, even before she was born. She lives hidden from their vulture-like drones, hidden in the dark, cavernous lair of her enemies.
The unseen ones will come for her. They must come for her. Their very existence depends on finding her, the girl with the gift of light, of power, of life.
Haunted by a past she does not understand, by a destiny they plan for her, Freya must leave the Saviors behind, leave Damian and Finn, leave even little Pip and embark on a perilous journey with a beastly warrior.
She will venture out beyond the ends of the charted lands, risking all she holds dear to cross the dead zone to where the Dark Legion awaits.


They come from a noble legacy of wonder and discovery. They cut through wormholes, portals and anomalies like shadows skipping across a celestial sea.
The Shadow Empire is dying. Their struggle for survival has reached a final battlefield in the forests of a primitive planet called Earth.
Freya, the hunted one, the most wanted fugitive in the history of the empire, wants to make everything right in her own dying world. She feels rage flowing through her fingertips. She feels her broken heart hungering savage ways.
She must become like nothing the world has ever known to save Damian, to save the floating city, to save Finn and Pip and little Tobi, too, but with war looming, will she be able to save her own soul?


With love rekindled but her body dying, Freya must solve the riddles of a ghastly adversary to return from the shadows and fight the bloodiest battle the Saviors have ever known. The Empress and her terrifying new legion of beasts are closing in on the last free humans on the prison planet Earth. Freya has no choice but to limp out toward her dark fate and discover if she is a true warrior or nothing more than a few altered genes. | UK | DE | AU | CA |
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When forces more powerful than she's ever known rise all around her, Freya begins to slip away from her destiny and question her ability to lead.
The girl with hands of light loses her sense of purpose and must depend on the love and guidance of many to prepare for the final chapter in the battle for Earth.
In the most uncertain times, in the company of strangers, in the throes of one’s selfish desires, the war for our soul rages most strong.
Freya must fight through her own desires and limitations in order to rally the Saviors for one last desperate attempt to challenge the Empress of Shadows who intends to consume the whole human world. | UK | DE | AU | CA |
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The new sequel.

Now Available!

Plantation Origins is the sequel to the Plantation Series. It sheds light on the mysterious hybrid Eric's harrowing journey toward his destiny, the perils he and Freya must face, and even where he travels at the end of all things. | UK | DE | AU |CA |
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Daphne, the fierce and beautiful young warrior, must face a new enemy: herself. A strange vision of the future will change everything for her and will force her to take matters into her own hands.

Companion novella. | UK | DE | AU |CA |
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In a world come to an end, one girl and one ragtag group of teen slaves find each other in the dark woods. They plan to make a stand. This collection includes the first three books in THE PLANTATION series.